Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking back.

Nathan and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this past Sunday. It was wonderful. Our weekend started out with Stumptown Coffee at the Bipartisan Cafe and a drive to the beach. Cape Lookout is truly breathtaking. Someday we will camp there, without a doubt. The hike was fun, we booked it! We passed so many people hiking, I felt really good about myself. Working out has really improved my hiking skills, who would have thought?! 5 miles was long, but so doable!

After our hike we drove south to Pacific City where we had a fabulous lunch at The Pelican Brewery. Nathan enjoyed his beer while I enjoyed my... water.

The evening was beautiful, amazing sunset! On the beach outside our hotel was a really great tide pool, which was something I really wanted to explore! I am completely blown away by sea life. I could spend hours looking at all the incredible animals and plants.

Here is a collaboration of photos of Nathan and my first year together as a married couple. This year has been so much more than I ever could have imagined. I love my husband, I love the home we live in, and I love how the Lord has provided for us through and through.