Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's almost here...

today is christmas eve... eve. Today my mother-in-law brought over our stockings and set them up under the tree... then covered them with a blanket. Do you have any idea how hard it is to not look under that blanket? Especially because right now my husband is asleep and I'm the only one here... I could... no.. I couldn't.... or could I? I guess my best bet is to go to sleep too. The sooner I'm asleep the sooner I can wake up and the closer it will be to Christmas morning! Eeeek!!!!
(Abbie, notice your gifts under the tree?... notice how you are amazing in every way?)
I'm really looking forward to Christmas (duh)! Especially because that means I'll be off work for a whole week! Tomorrow at 2pm I'll be done and won't go back until next Friday! I can't wait to get some down time, work has been super busy, which is really good... but really exhausting. I hope these next couple days will be amazing for everyone! I'm looking forward to sleeping by the Christmas tree tomorrow night. Traditions are so great. It's a little hard for me making traditions, this is mine and Nathan's second Christmas as a married couple (which is crazy in and of itself) and I feel a little sad not participating in family traditions with my parents. Like making homemade marshmallows with my mom and delivering them to all our friends... Things just change... they are all good changes, without a doubt, but I feel all nostalgic inside... Christmas makes me want to be a kid again and wake up hearing my brother sing, "You gotta get up, you gotta get up, you gotta get up! It's Christmas morning!"

Tomorrow I'll be making cinnamon rolls all day. That's another tradition we do around here... it's a delicious one! What are some family Christmas traditions you do around your home?

Merry Christmas, friends!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crafty Wonderland

Today I went to the Oregon Convention Center to Crafty Wonderland! Such a great event for anyone that loves to create and appreciates homemade goods. I ventured off, alone, two hours before doors opened to be one of the first in line to receive my free goody bag full of wonderful treats from the venders. I got a Chinook Book, a handmade notebook, hair clips, small prints, and lots of info on stores and local shops that sell PDX art work. It was so worth it to come early! I would strongly advise you to look up theses artists and see the beauty the make. Some of my favorites are:

Nikki McClure - I didn't get to meet her, but if I did I would have peed myself!O.Boy.Studios
Phoebe Owens - that lamp is so amazing!

So many talented people in one room, it was inspiring! Next year, perhaps I'll inspire someone... because I'll be there with my own booth! EEK!! if I get accepted.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hailey's Quilt

I made this quilt for my lovely niece. She makes my heart sing!

Your never going to believe this...

I burned my hand really bad today at work when I went to grab a metal spoon... little did I know at the time it was one million degrees. The day was painful and I was useless, unable to write, do dishes, or any other of my workly duties. I walked around one handed (my bad hand no less) while grasping a cup of cold water in the other to keep from shouting in pain.

Once I got home I looked up home remedies to burns. And I came across this. Aluminum foil?Aluminum foil. Yes. Believe it. My pain is gone. It's still pretty tender to the touch, and I still have a pretty badass blister, but the pain, the unbearable cut off my phalange I'm going to die pain... that's gone!

This is me: The Robot.

So, friends. Next time you get a burn, wrap it in foil. You look cool, and it feels better within 10 minutes or so!