Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dreaming of spring...

How fun is this?! I could spend hours on this website coming up with outfits I could only dream of! I love it! I found it on this blog... I love e, the other day I thought I saw her at this coffee house and I about freaked... but then I realized the woman I saw wasn't pregnant... not to mention e does not live in Portland. Anyways.... this fancy fashion website makes me feel oh so fancy, like I could simply own anything I click on, wouldn't that be nice?

So, it's currently snowing outside, and I'm laying couchridden due to excruciating back pain around dreaming of spring outfits! I feel a bit silly and super girly, but I'll embrace it! I like to be girly every now and then.
I'm also loving this website because I've recently been taping into the idea of making some cute clothes. What better place to start than fabulous spring inspiration? Urban Outfitters has some items I adore, I need to borrow steal some ideas.

In other news.... I freakin' ran three whole miles today!!! It was the first time, but it SO will not be the last! - at least I hope not, my back seems to be telling me otherwise... I went to put on my sweats this evening and POP! My lower back is all jacked up. Why is it that whenever I exercise and eat healthy my body freaks out?! Like I'm doing something wrong...
I'm not though.
I stretch.
I drink lots of water.
Come on, Body! What do you want from me?!