Saturday, June 11, 2011

Portlanders Agree!

Reasons why I love Portland.
I just need to remind myself.

It's pretty.

Powell's Books. Because it is magical. Even if you don't call yourself a book lover, there is always something to lose yourself in... It's a city of books for crying out loud! TheHawthorne location is charming too.

The Portland Timbers
We have a soccer team! And we're good! And we know it!
There ain't no pity in the rose city!

My favorite breakfast in the world at this humble place.

Seeing a "picture show" with the love of my life here.
It's real nice.

I'm not a fan of dogs.
However, we had a fun date night here.

The zoo. With old friends and new memories.

Mt. Tabor - always something interesting
(let's not talk about the recently
frowned-upon occurrences that
happened there)

Best pizza around.

Yes. These links took a while.

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