Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Ok, so there is a show about my city. I have to love it because it's on t.v. and it's about my hometown! I've gotta represent! So this show makes fun of my town, a lot. But I met the star of the show, she seemed pretty nice, a little sassy and had the "I know, I know, I'm famous." kind of attitude, but who wouldn't, I mean, she is famous after all... I was slightly star stuck. shame.

So this show, like I said, makes fun of my town. They say we may or may not have real live feminists, and we may or may not care where our food comes from and we may or may not have fun games to play in pubic places... My feelings aren't hurt though, because they haven't made a show about any other great cities lately. And it would be way worse if the show was reality t.v. At least Portland is being made fun of in a silly and creative way, not in taking crazy stupid people and following them around with a camera. They save those classy shows for cities like LA and NY... cities that are also acronyms I guess.

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  1. You met her!?!? Did she come into Killer Burger or something? Crazy!