Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some favorites.

I have this corner. It's were the washer and dryer are located in my home. It is also, due to the lack of storage space, the place where my rapidly growing collection of sewing stuff is kept. This week I've been trying to organize. Oh man. It is quite a task! So, in this corner I have a window. And I really want some curtains up so I like my corner a little more. If you like your laundry room, you like doing laundry. Right? Maybe... That's what I like to think anyway. I got my inspiration from this blog. This woman is amazing. I want to be her best friend... or I want her to come make my home look amazing!
With all this being said, my favorite fabrics to make my curtains out of are...
Because it's pretty
Because it is so fun!
Because it is classy and fun
Because its nice... and only 6 dollars a yard.

Unfortunately I'm flat broke right now and will not be getting any of these any time soon. But it's fun to look! I'm concerned that a small space with large printed fabric will make it look even smaller... but thats the only kind of fabric I can like right now. I guess this being broke thing will give me plenty of time to find the fabric for me. Let's be optimistic here.

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