Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm so excited right now. About a plethora of things such as...

(We've got some good music here people.)

If you missed the Oscars this year, this is all you really need to see...

Excited now, not stressed! It's amazing what one hard day's work can do!

I saw some trees (like this one) starting to bloom today! I can't wait!

With spring comes fresh produce, and with some fresh produce comes...

I'm also really excited for my mom, who gets to visit my amazing family in Korea this spring! Mom, give those babes a million kisses for me, will ya? I do hope I can visit this summer!! I'm feeling really blessed today, which is a blessing in itself because I've had a pretty hard week. I just love my husband and my friends and my family lots and lots. We've got a groovy thing going here.

This just in:
My parking citation at my school was just dismissed! Yeah!

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